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Precision control in units of 0.1ºC and excellent durability.

For stable hing temperature molding of engineering plastics and super engineering plastics.

♦ Booster pump for molding at 160ºC

The mold temperature controller incorporates a booster pump. Using pressurized water, it accurately controls tmperatures up to 160ºC, easily keeping pace with the anticipated higher tmperatures that will be applied in molding in the future.

♦ High precision temperature control

While delivering a high discharge pressure and high flow rate, the controller accurately controls temperatures to within 0.1ºC of targets. It is a key piece of equipment for precision stable production.

♦ Lineup for a wide range of applications

This lieup of temperature controllers works with molding machines of just a few clamp tonnage to the 450-ton class, as they cover a broad range of engineering plastics and super engineering plastics that are necessarily molded at high temperature.

♦ Option

As an opiton, serial communication (RS-485) support can be added to set temperature frome a remote location adn visually monitor temperature and operations (trouble).


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