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In-Line Sputtering Equipment Development for:

• ITO Coating

• Anti-Reflection Coating

• High-Reflection Mirror/Enhanced mirror


• LENS (Decoration coating)

• Solar TCO coating

• LED industry application

Core Technology:

• Mechanical design

• Automation control

• High yield sputtering cathode & gas distribution system

• Combination on equipment design and process development

• High deposition rate control system for di-electircal material

• Reactive sputtering

• Large area in-line sputtering coating 

• Experienced in mass-production 

• More than 25 mass-production lines of installed-base

Excellent system performance

• More than 15 in-line sputtering systems have been approved by the customers

Wide range application

• The sputtering systems have been used for different application, such as enhanced mirror, half mirror, Al mirror, cellular phone keyboard and cover plate, Cr mirror, EMI shielding coating and ITO coating etc.