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Lead Frame Die

Evolving every day in industry, the semiconductor device is the key to innovation. Miniaturizations of the circuits, miniaturization of semiconductor devices brew up higher accuracy requirements of the lead frame. We provide high-quality dies which are based various know-how accumulated over a period of time.

Transfer Mold (Resin Seal Mold)

It seems easy, but truly it is difficult to package products. We handle it for many years to achieve a high level of technological capability which is unbeatable, especially at the field of clear mold (transparent resin package). We will respond to the diverse needs of customers in the future as well.

[Intended Business Field]

LED, In-car device, Optical semiconductor, Discrete device etc.

Trim & Form Die

Trim & form die is used at the final stage of station when making semiconductors. Our design staffs who have a lot of know-how invent a out-of-the-box crafting technique to grant any request from customers.

Semiconductor Production Equipment (Automatic Mold Equipment)

We will make efficient equipments which is fit to customer's products and factory. Also, our new concept greatly improve resin efficiency, and we develop and propose eco-friendly M.O (Multi-Oval) method.

[Intended Business Field]

LED, In-car device, Optical semiconductor, Discrete device etc.

Silicone Resin Mold (Liquid Resin)

We adopt the silicon sealing method, L3-MAX which is our unique development. L3-MAX is transfer mold system, so it makes it possible for the shape of objects like both-sided lens and the substrates with a complex structure to do integral molding. By equipping "W Sealing Mechanism" at plunger, it makes it possible to use many kinds of silicone resins which are ranging from low-viscosity to high-viscosity. Also, even it is intricately-shaped molding product, it is possible to reduce voids by vacuum chamber.

[The Example of Silicone Resin Molding Product]

Because it is possible to mold silicone resin to substrate integrally, we can grant various product needs.