Linear Motor Drive
    Product Name : Linear Motor Drive, Precision, Mid-size Wire-cut EDM
    Product No : AP650L
    Product Description

    Screwless Drive and High Rigidity Gantry Construction combined with High-Speed Eco-Cut, the AP650L Is the high precision model ideal for progressive press dies

    Product Introduction

    Main Features

    Screwless Drive and High Rigidity Structure

    The AP650L is a high precision wire electrical discharge machine series that incorporates proprietary technologies including screwless drive by 4-axis linear motors, ceramics, gantry construction, and arm suspension method. Measures to comprehensively suppress heat-generation sources during long-term, high accuracy machining ensure the highest levels of machining performance in the mid-size class.

    High-Speed Eco-Cut

    High Speed Eco-Cut with a special machining fluid for precise finishing to achieve up 50% faster machining speeds (comparison with Sodick products) is adopted in this model. It permits fewer cuts, highly accurate shape machining, and high-quality finishing contributing to enhanced productivity and energy savings.

    Improved workability and operability

    High speed automatic wire threading unit (Fixed Jet AWT), machining tank with all the three faces descending/ascending automatically, and U‐shaped work stand significantly improve work efficiency during setup. The operating controls including the operating panel, valves, and flow meter, are grouped together to make all operations faster.

    Product Specifications

    Axis strokeX×Y×Z (mm) 650×450×120
    U x V axis travel(mm) 35×35
    Max. taper angle ±7°(thickness:100mm)
    Max. workpiece dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 920×555×100
    Max. weight of workpiece(kg) 200
    Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 2470×1990×2175