Ultra High Speed Machining Center
    Product Name : Ultra High Speed Machining Center
    Product No : TT1-400A
    Product Description

    Awarded the 55th Best 10 New Product of 2012

    Next-Generation Machining Center permitting Ultra-Fast Cutting

    World’s First! Adopted Sodick CFRP in the XY Table

    Product Introduction

    Main Features

    World’s First! Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Used in the XY-Axis Drive Table

    As world’s first, carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) manufactured by Sodick has been adopted in the XY-axis table. This achieves ultra-lightness, with just one-hundredth the previous weight, and an ultra-thin construction just 1/5 to 1/15 the thickness of previous tables.

    This extreme lightness and thinness dramatically reduces inertia to just 1/50 the previous value. Moreover we have developed a highly responsive XY-axis drive table that allows high speed and high acceleration movements without distortion.

    This reduces the distance between the linear scale and workpiece to one-half the previous value to permit highly accurate positioning with little error.

    Sodick's Proprietary Linear Motor Drive

    Sodick's proprietary linear motor drive achieves 100 nm step feed maintaining stable thrust and highly accurate machined shape accuracy.

    Features the Newly Developed LN3X CNC Controller

    The LN3X CNC Controller developed by Sodick is installed to permit rapid and highly flexible configuration of dedicated setup systems appropriate to the machining process.

    The newly developed CNC Controller incorporates various leading-edge technologies, including motion control to optimize high speed and high accuracy, more rapid internal control, 1 Gbps high speed serial communications technology with a track record in Si-LINK, and proprietary advanced control.

    Product Specifications


    Axis strokeX×Y×Z (mm) 400×250×300
    Main spindle rotation speed(min-1) 6,000~40,000
    Table size(mm) 420×260
    ATC (No. of stored tools)(pieces) 16(Standard specification)
    Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 1600x2662x2300
    Total unit weight(kg) 3000