All-ceramic Linear Motor Drive Ultra-precision

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    Product Name : All-ceramic Linear Motor Drive Ultra-precision
    Product No : EXC100L
    Product Description

    Screw-less drive and ceramic air slider ultra-precision wire-cut EDM flagship which realizes the ultimate machining

    Product Introduction

    Main Features

    Screw-less drive

    The screw-less drive uses a linear motor and a linear scale, realizing excellent positioning accuracy. Because there is no mechanical contact, high response and long term stability and reliability are maintained. By using this drive in combination with a motion controller (SMC) developed by Sodick over many years, maximum performance can be realized.

    LQW power supply

    In the LQ power supply, a 3D solid model can be directly imported and used for machining, thus realizing significantly increased machining performance that exceeds the machining know-how of a skilled worker. The ideal machining conditions can be automatically created from a 3D solid model, permitting virtually unmanned operation and a significant reduction of labor.

    Nano-quality machining

    This machine employs the world’s first completely contact-less XY orthogonal table which uses our ceramic air sliders and linear motors. In addition, it incorporates a high resolution linear scale, realizing a minimum drive unit of 10 nanometers (0.01µm). A high performance machining fluid cooling unit is standard fitment, maintaining stable super-precision machining.

    Product Specifications

    Axis strokeX x Y x Z (mm) 100×120×100
    U x V axis travel(mm) 20×20
    Taper angle ±6°(thickness: 60 mm)
    Max. machining sizeW x D x H (mm) 150×150×60
    Max. weight of workpiece(kg) 10(including jigs, etc.)
    Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 2280×1830×1990