CNC Very-small-hole Drilling EDM
    Product Name : CNC Very-small-hole Drilling EDM
    Product No : K3BL
    Product Description

    High response of linear motor drive which realizes continuous and high-precision drilling EDM of very small holes

    Product Introduction

    Main Features

    Linear motor provided on main axis

    A high-speed, high-response linear motor provided on Z axis expands the machining range, stabilizes the operation and reduces the electrode wear.

    High-rigidity double-column structure

    A high-rigidity double-column structure has been adopted to enable drilling EDM of very small holes. The structure, wherein a column is held by two struts, secures good resistance to thermal deformation and high rigidity, remarkably enhancing machining accuracy.

    CNC power unit, "LN10K"

    K3BL is equipped with a CNC power unit, "LN10K", which extracts the performance of the linear motor to a maximum extent, realizing improved machining performance and easy operation.

    Automatic tool changer (ATC:option)

    An AEC provided for this model changes electrodes reliably to facilitate long and continuous drilling EDM of many holes.

    Product Specifications

    Axis strokeX x Y x Z (mm) 300×200×300
    Max. weight of workpiece(kg) 300
    Table sizeW x D (mm) 600×300 (ceramic)
    Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 1130×1645×2360 (max)