Linear Motor Drive High Performance Wire-cut EDM
Product Name : Linear Motor Drive High Performance Wire-cut EDM
Product No : SL400Q-SL600Q
Product Description

Outstanding Performance with Elemental Technologies Developed and Manufactured In-House

Smart Pulse & Smart Linear

Product Introduction

Main Features

Linear Motor Drive

Sodick's proprietary high-performance linear motors are adopted for the X, Y, X, and U axes achieving direct drive without the need for ball screws. Linear motor drive maintains accurate axis movement with no backlash semi-permanently, a feature unheard of with conventional ball screws. The high responsiveness and high tracking performance of linear motors ensures accurate positional control and superb discharge characteristics during machining.

New Power Supply and Machining Circuits

Incorporating a 19-inch multi-touch LCD-type CNC unit which achieves smart phone-like operability as a standard feature in the SPW power supply Also overwhelming processing speed is achieved through the high-speed dual-core processor.

What’s more, the newly developed Digital PIKA circuit and new barrel effect free control offer high speed, high accuracy, and optimal surface finishing.

Improvement of Workability and Productivity

Ceramic work stand, Surface plate of the of shaped, The Z-axis tracking automatic liquid level adjustment function has been a standard feature, and improve the workability.

In addition, by high-speed automatic wire connection device (FJ-AWT) and an intermediate liquid level function, can be unattended operation a high-precision machining, and improve productivity.

Product Specifications

Axis strokeX×Y×Z (mm) 400×300×250 600×400×350
U x V axis travel(mm) 150×150 150×150
Max. taper angle ±25°(thickness:130mm) ±25°(thickness:130mm)
Max. workpiece dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 600×470×240
(During flushing machining)
(During flushing machining)
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 2115×2335×2185 2445×2710×2296